Hut Rentals and Container Solutions for Construction

ConstructionHut Rentals has been through booms and busts in the economy, and has adapted and reacted with our clients. The manufacturing industry is vital to our economy, but fighting against rising costs and other issues squeezes margins. Time is money. But space is money too. Capex becomes a luxury. Office space and storage space becomes an expensive investment, particularly if you don't know where the market will be in a year or even a few months. We have the solution.

We provide our manufacturing clients with a quick, affordable, and temporary if needs be, storage solution. Our storage containers and specially converted office containers are tailor made for factories that need fast, clean and portable / moveable office space and safe storage.

Office Container Space Solutions

Our Site Office, sometimes called a Container Office, is built with you in mind. Space for desks and a meeting table, it is insulated, has an electrical box and an aircon. This modified container is a comfortable a mobile site office which is ready to be used within minutes of delivery.

Site office Specs:

  • 6m x 2.4m
  • Windows and lockable door
  • Insulated
  • Electrical board
  • Aircon
  • Accommodate 6 in open plan office style

Storage Container Space Solutions

Like the Site Office, Our storage containers are delivered to the exact spot you want them by our highly trained drivers and technicians. Handling is a container is a skill these guys have perfected. They don’t leave the site until you are happy with where the container has been placed.

  • Storage container Specs:
  • 6m x 2.4m
  • Lockable door

Knock-down Huts Rentals

Hut Rentals has been doing this longer than anyone else. We are the only people able to deliver numerous huts (which some people call sheds), and assemble the huts in 7 minutes. Our in-house knock-down solution has made us fast and efficient. If you want a hut to store cement or tools, or whether you want workers to stay in a hut on site, we will deliver within 24 hours.

  • Size: 3.3m x 2.2m
  • Accommodates 3 people
  • Store 350 bags of cement
  • Up to 3 people


  • Size: 4,0m x 2.2m
  • Accommodates 4 persons
  • Store 450 bags of cement
  • Up to 4 people

Portable Toilets Rentals

Something as simple as a portable toilet has proven to be a headache time after time for contractors. With our experience, we work closely with our associate company to bring you top-quality portable toilets which are serviced.

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